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Selling your house in Seattle can be profitable, enjoyable, and stress-free. It can also be expensive, challenging, and stressful if you choose the wrong agent or buyer. When you choose to work with The Greely Group, you can count on quality throughout every step of the process. Take a look at this quick comparison below, and please reach out to our team if you have any questions! (206) 465-7215

Selling with Discount RealtorFSBOiBuyer
Typical Sales Price
Our ultimate goal is to get the listing price or even above asking price. Our team is fully trained to negotiate for top dollar for you.You may or may not get a good deal. This largely depends on the experience of the assigned agent. Most discount Realtors are new to the industry so negotiation experience could be limited.
On average, homes sell for 26% LESS than agent-assisted home sales.
Typically below market value.

We go beyond just putting your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). We bring maximum exposure to your property with our in-house digital marketing experts. You pay $0.
LimitedDepends on your ability to market. At the end of the day, to get the best, most qualified buyer you have to bring as much visibility to the property as possible. This can get expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming. And, like with everything FSBO, you’re responsible for paying for it.
No marketing; you’re selling directly to them.

Work done by THEM
Working with options other than a fully trained staff of experienced and dedicated agents can be risky. Going with “cheaper” options can cost you more money at the end of the day. Our goal is to do it right the first time. You have the best local real estate team behind you.
Less hands-on service and support throughout your sale can lead to mistake and more expenses for you.
Work done by YOU
NoneVaries. Discount Realtors/brokers offer many different packages. The less expensive they are, the more work you have to take on.
100%. You’re responsible for all the work from start to finish.
No Fees. You only pay a commission when we sell your house.
Flat fee or 2%
Most people want to sell their property FSBO to avoid fees and commissions, but they usually end up paying more in the long run.
Typically 5%

Legal Advice
As a licensed real estate agent, we’re held to a high standard to know the legal ins and outs of a home sale. A house sale is a legal transaction so it’s best to have an expert backing you up. We handle the transaction for you.
Typically handled by the assigned Realtor.
You’re responsible for the entire process and making sure everything is done legally including making sure title work is done, all taxes are paid by each party, etc. Consult with an experienced closing attorney or title company to make sure nothing is left undone, but this is another expense you must plan for.
None since you’re selling directly to the iBuyer.

Closing Costs
Typically 3%
Typically 3%
Typically 3%
Typically 1%
Time to Close
Not only do we work hard to get you the best offer possible, we also try to get you the best terms.
Typically dependent on the negotiation experience of the assigned agent, which tends to be low.
For Sale By Owner transactions can be faster – but only if the buyer and owner already know each other.
7 days to 60 days

As you can see above, using a discount agent or selling your house on your own may not be worth it. By utilizing our experience, efficiency, and dedication, you are certain to have an exceptional selling experience. Fill out the form below to learn more about selling your house in Seattle, WA!

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Get Peace of Mind

When selling your house in Seattle, there are several factors to consider. Remember these three important points when deciding how to sell your house in Seattle.

  1. What it will actually cost you to sell: Often, people consider an agent’s commissions a necessary evil to sell your home. But, when you partner with the right Seattle real estate agents, you will quickly see how they are worth their weight in gold. Make sure you know exactly what is included in your listing.
  2. The time it will take to sell: How much time do you want to dedicate to the sale of your property? While some people don’t mind doing all of the work, others want to leave things in the hands of a professional they can trust. Utilize our expertise and dedication to technology to get your house sold fast.
  3. You agent’s experience: It is important to work with a qualified agent, who will always put your needs first. The Greely Group has over a decade of local experience and is passionate about helping Seattle area residents reach their real estate goals.

Selling Your House in the Seattle Are Has Never Been Easier
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** Both the Northwestern and the Stanford studies mentioned in the Money section confirm just that: “The use of a broker does lead to an accelerated sale. In that respect, brokers appear to add value,” the Stanford researchers declared. The Northwestern study found that it takes, on average, 20 days longer to sell a house on an FSBO site versus the MLS or an agent.

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